Cast Member Intro


Photo by Alison Kerr

Dina Stansbury

Ask Dina, “So, what’s your story?,” and she’ll say, “I’m a storyteller.”  Dina wanders through the wonderful world of stories as a kids’ storyteller at the Monterey Public Library.  One day, while wandering in Santa Cruz, she dropped in to the Fun Institute’s “Saturday Morning Live” drop-in improv class.  She wanted more.  Who can blame her?  So Dina took improv classes and wandered in to the wonderful world of improv when she joined Women of Whimsy and The Mirth’O’Matics. Storytelling plus improv?  Simpatico. Detaching from the brain and connecting to the heart, Dina claims she’s the  “Happy Wanderer,” and, as you’ve probably guessed, she also loves Bulgarian dancing.


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