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iMPRoV Happenings At The Lake


“There’s sketch, improv, writing, acting, music and badminton.  Those are the seven forms of comedy.”     T.J. Miller


Hi iMPRoV Fan…

Two more Summer 2014 Tahoe iMPRoV Players’ shows …

Tuesday, August 12  *  7:30pm        
Boathouse Theater
On The Valhalla Estate
Hwy. 89, S. Lake Tahoe
Valhalla Tahoe


FridayAugust 29
Annual iMPRoV Benefit Show For Unity At The Lake
1195 Rufus Allen Blvd., S. Lake Tahoe.
$10   (All Proceeds Donated)

As always, it’s been a funny summer of improv and we’re keeping it going.  Hope to see you at a show.

Let improv happen.


Mirth-O-Matics under New Leadership


Saturday night was Gerry’s final show as Mirth’O’Matics’ director … manager … water boy … counselor … secretary … general trouble-maker which leads to owner.

At the bewitching hour of 12:00:01am, Sunday Aug.3rd, the reigns for the Mirth-O-Matics were turned over to Dr. Richard Westbrook who will do a fantastic job leading this fun band of zany Mirthers.  Their first show will be on Saturday August 16 at the Treasures Roadhouse Theater in Corralitos.  Change is good and we’re expecting some new twists!

For Gerry and Monterey Improv, it’s time to pursue other improv adventures.   You’ll see Gerry around town performing, as well as leading improv and acting workshops and classes.  Stay tuned for upcoming events!


Something’s Fishy


The Mirther’s lightened things up last Saturday night as they dove into the world of fish and turned audience suggestions into ‘reely’ funny scenes.  The Green Chalk Contemporary invites the public to tour the Fresh Fish exhibit which explores the current social, economic and ecological status of fish and our oceans.