Tahoe Improv Players’ Raucous Act Returns for Benefit” article in Lake Tahoe News

Gerry is also the Founder/Director of the Tahoe Improv Players, the longest running improv troupe at the lake that performs at the Valhalla Boathouse.

If you’ll be traveling why not see some improv at South Lake Tahoe.  Summer 2012 dates included:

Tues July 3 – SOLD OUT!
Tues August 7
Sat September 1 – Memorial Day weekend.  Laura Hall of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” accompanied the players!
Fri Sept 21 Unity Church Benefit



Laura and Rick Hall's Music Workshop

Laura and Rick Hall’s Music Workshop
photo by Alison Kerr

We love these guys!   And you will too.  They joined us at the Lake for Memorial Day weekend.

Sat Sept 1

Music Improv Workshop
1000 am – 330 pm

Tahoe Improv Players Performance
Valhalla Estate Boathouse – 7:30 pm 

Sun Sept 2

The Laura and Rick Hall Show
Valhalla Estate Boathouse – 7:30 pm

What is better then having Laura and Rick Hall join the Tahoe Improv Players for the last improv show of the summer?  Having them come back in 2013!!  Stay tuned for dates.



The Fun Institute, headed up by Dixie Cox and Cliffi Henderson offers a variety of improv and performance workshops including
 their way fun Saturday Morning Live, drop-in class.  SML is held from 10a.m. to Noon every Saturday at the Broadway Playhouse, 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz.  First session is free, after that, its $20 a session.  Well worth every penny!


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